Bigorrilho Apartment by Mario Sampaio Architect

The unit is 130 square meters. It is part of an apartment complex built in the 1980s and was completely remodeled. Still, following the owner’s request, I kept the original floorplan. The only exception was the living room, which became a larger TV room after the walls that separated it from one of the old bedrooms was torn down.

A large element made of engineered wood panels in a light color connects the social and family areas of the unit. This element fulfills both aesthetic and functional needs. Besides visually transforming the architecture of the unit, it envelops the uneven concrete beams in the corridor and in the living room, which were exposed after the demolition of two walls. An intermediary column, and the tracks of the sliding doors that separates the social and family areas are also covered by this wooden element. Nested inside this structure are two cabinets brought from the owner’s previous home, which were adapted to the new use and painted.

We opted for concrete flooring in the social area and the restrooms to counterbalance the warmth of the wooden element. The same material was used on the restrooms’ walls and countertops.

Finally, the owner’s collection of prints was arranged as a mural. The coffee table was designed by her parents, who were both professors at a technical school in São Paulo. The potted plant on the floor belonged to the client’s late aunt, and the glass bottles have long been in her family. The choices as to what objects to display were all guided by the emotional significance of each piece.



Name: Bigorrilho Apartment

Location: Rua Coronel Joaquim Inácio Ribas – Curitiba-Pr – Brasil

Year of completion: 2017

Total area construction (m2): 130,00 m2

Architect: Mário Sampaio


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Contact e-mail:

Fotografer: Thiago Autran

Other contributors (engineers, clients, consultants, etc):

Sr. Nilson dos Santos – Master builder

Marc. Nelson – Woodwork

Marc. Jeferson Rocha – Carpentry

Serralheria Algrin – Spesial metals

With thanks to Ana Lúcia Rossini


  1. Compensados Franke – multilaminated engineered wood
  2. Deca – Bathroom fixtures and hardware
  3. Suvinil – White acrylic paint
  4. Votorantim Cimentos Brasil – Votoran Cement
  5. La Fonte Assa Abloy – Metal fixtures
  6. Artesian – Furniture (Florence Knoll/Charles and Ray Eames/Marcel Breuer)

Architect Mário Sampaio

The firm creates designs for architecture, interiors, and objects, always with a focus on quality. To maintain its commitment to quality, the architect keeps a limited number of clients and only accepts comprehensive contracts that encompass the entire process from the earliest stages of creation to the final execution.


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