Cantilevered Living Room by ACDF Architecture

The “Blanche” Chalet, whose name evokes the spirit of the vernacular houses of the region, is situated in La Malbaie’s area of the “Terrasses Cap à l’Aigle”. Its simple and pure architecture gently complements the landscape of Charlevoix in a modern fashion.

The raw concrete materiality of the lower level is a nod to the stone foundations of the old wooden barns that once swept the landscape. This base also serves as the foundation for the main entrance and houses the technical functions of the cottage. Perched on the podium, the upper two levels are clad in a white stained wood, which is reminiscent of lime plaster that was applied to the ancestral homes of the area. The wood is smooth or raw textured and, at times, creates an openwork siding, depending on the façade, bringing lightness and joy to the house.

The four bedrooms of the “Blanche” Chalet are centrally located in order to maximize the panoramic views of the living spaces that are at the top level. The kitchen and dining room are characterized by large 360-degree fenestration, while the living space is housed in a floating overhang whose unique form is reminiscent of the structure of vernacular bridges. This raised volume allows for a direct experience of the enchanting sunsets of Cap à l’Aigle and the shimmering reflections of the estuary of the St. Lawrence within the comforts of the home.

This cottage residence is the expression of the atmosphere sought by its owner. The social nature of the house, its openness to family, friendly, and sometimes professional exchanges are favoured by its composition that sensitively juxtaposes the spaces of common life and the private life (bedrooms). The abundant use of fenestration underlines a constant connection between the interior and nature, including the lake and the forest. The use of natural materials, such as stone, wood, and steel in pure and unique forms links the building to the context and invites contemplation.

About ACDF

Montreal-based and globally focused, ACDF is one of Canada’s most energetic and exuberant architecture firms. Since its launch in 2006, the 50-person —

and growing — studio has enjoyed a bold ascent and continues to complete ever-more ambitious, design-savvy projects at every scale, from interiors to master

planning, for various programs, including commercial, residential, hospitality. Under the direction of principal Maxime-Alexis Frappier, the studio’s work is timeless and highly tailored, with trim lines and intelligent planning.


The studio engages each client with a high-degree of care, building a strong relationship based on open communication and respect. ACDF respects timelines

and budgetary constraints while creating custom spaces that reflect the client’s brand and desired image, from the overall concept down to the smallest detail.


ADCF’s distinct approach has garnered numerous accolades. The firm won a 2010 Governor General’s medal, and an Award of Excellence from the Quebec

Association of Architects, for one of its first completed projects — the St-Germain Sewer and Aqueducts Headquarters, which transformed what would be

a utilitarian facility into a sublime workplace. In 2013, Frappier received the Young Architect Award from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, for his

exceptional commitment to the profession as a leader, an educator, and an ambassador.


Data sheet

Client : DAVNIC (David Lafrance et Nicolas Barette)
Location : Cap à l’aigle, (La Malbaie), QC
Opening date : 2016 Aera 4275 pi2
Budget : ±900 000$

Architectes :  ACDF Architecture
Architectural team : Maxime-Alexis Frappier, Martin Champagne, Joan Renaud, Mathieu Tremblay, Olivia Daigneault
Structural ingineers : NCK
Entreprenor : Demonfort

Photograph : Adrien Williams

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