Cinema Park De Lux by VOX Architects

«Cinema Park De Lux» is one of the most up-to-date cinema chainer in Moscow. Project target was to make a unique urban space with a new quality of architecture. Cinema is an event, it is lessure and intertament at a time. Not only film is excitement, but the whole journey, and atmosphere.

One of the most important zone in the «Cinema Park De Lux» is the lobby area. Crossing the border of the atrium space of the shopping center «Metropolis» and entering to the cinema space, visitor gets transferred from everyday city bustle to the cinema world: the lobby area is monochrome, the overhang lighting cubes imitate light rays, the white light puffs – the glares.

Functionally, the lobby space is the waiting and meetings area. For this purpose, an appropriate functional zoning is provided, for example, three-dimensional cubes of a cafe-bar with sofas.

Passing through the lobby, on the left side there are niches and protruding planes creating a complex spatial enclosure, which is functionally an information site for placing light boxes with the repertoire of the cinema complex.

From the right side of the lobby it flows smoothly into the cafe-bar zone: the separation of these zones from each other occurs due to vertical elements of different-sized slats, but the visual connection of spaces is preserved – through the gaps between the lamellas.

The cafe-bar provides lighting in the form of a “starry sky” and a floor with an imitation of a wood, creating an image of a cozy corner.

On the same side there is a karaoke room, functionally connected with the cafe-bar, where visitors can enjoy individual and group performance of songs: the light rays of this zone are lined up so that the feeling of the midday sun is created under the shadow of a huge deciduous tree.

The main axis of the lobby is closed by the existing cinema bar, which receives a new modern design, replacing the front surface of the rack itself and all the surfaces of the walls behind it.

The consecutive panels for the video broadcast system (for displaying the menu and advertising, located above the movie bar) are changed to new models. To maintain the compositional balance in the hall space, the project provides a corner with a soft panel and a dark furniture wall equipped with a professional sound, acoustic and multimedia complex.

Customer: Cinema Park De Lux

Address: Russia, Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse 16A, page 4

Total area: 696 sq.m.

Year: 2017

Architectural Office: VOX Architects  /

Authors of the project: Boris Voskoboinikov, Maria Akhremenkova, Yana Mitasova

Graphic Design: Utter Design

Photo: Mikhail Stepanov

Visualization: Evgeny Nezamaykin




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