CIS Apartment by Damilano Studio Architects

CIS apartment is located in Busca (CN, Italy) inside a building in contact with the ancient city walls in an area on the edge of the old town that overlooks a tributary of the Maira. The apartment was built for a young professional with a passion for music and is spread over two levels above ground, a basement with garage and a playroom and the overhanging level with the house and an outdoor garden.

The two levels are connected by an internal staircase and the apartment consists of a living area with an open kitchen overlooking the private garden and the sleeping area with wardrobes, bathroom and bedroom. The private sleeping area is characterized by a strong transparency between the various environments that includes, among other things, a glass corridor between the bed and the bathroom where the shower is located.

The house is connected to the garden through the teak flooring that leads to the steps of the green and is equipped as a summer dining area. Two large vases sign the passage on the external platforms and the green area is partly bordered by ancient walls that have been preserved in their original state. A long blade of corten acts as a parapet to the garden as well as a shelf. The passion for the music of the client is underlined by the double bass positioned in the living area.

Project name CIS APARTMENT

Project tipe Private apartment

Client Private owner Project Team Damilanostudio Architects

Project Leader Arch. Duilio Damilano

Artistic direction Arch. Duilio Damilano

Collaborator Arch. Emanuele Meinero

Supervision Geom. Giovanni Cismondi

Area surface 290 mq

Apartment surface 93 mq

Location Busca, CN, Italia

Photographer Barbara Corsico



Duilio Damilano was born in Cuneo on 1961. He’s interested in developing architectural and personal aspects of plastic and material objects inspired by his father and brother who are both passionate sculptors. In 1990 he opened his own architectural firm continuing his research through architectural projects on national and international scale.


DAMILANOSTUDIO ARCHITECTS is a multidisciplinary architecture firm that operates mainly in the field of architecture and design through continuous research carried out with sensitivity to design, contemporary culture, and urban and natural environments. His studio is currently following several projects including administrative offices, residential building and retail space in Italy and abroad. The firm takes part to the 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture in the Italian pavilion and at a series of international exhibitions. His work Oficina Vidre Negre was selected for Mies van der Rohe Prize in 2013 while some projects was published on several international magazines

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