Comfy House by ALTS Design Office

This house was built in the newly-developed subdivision surrounding new housing. While planning a design with client many times, we hit upon a keyword: “comfy house” so we considered how to make a welcoming atmosphere with lots of light.

With a vault –shaped opening in the simply laid-out compartment, the space is designed to be airy and rhythmical. The light spilling through a large curved window will encompass the room in a comfy manner.

You can enjoy the light and shadows made by sunrise and sunset. This “comfy house will lead you to an unusual world.



Creative Director:Design Director: Art Director:alts design office : Sumiou Mizumoto

Client: private person

Photographer: Masahiko Nishida


Wooden two-storied building

The lot area:160.45㎡

Floor space:55.89㎡

1floor area:55.89㎡

2floor area:49.68㎡

The total floor area:105.57㎡

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