Costa Rica Apartment by Mário Sampaio Arquiteto

In this duplex apartment of coverage the request of the owners was to make the finishes in general, infrastructure and carpentry, but did not want a radical reform that involved in demolitions of the walls naturally.

We could do some even though punctual, yet opportune interventions, in order to endow the apartment with good structure and customised form by cutting, sculpting, moulding, for example, the removal of the lining part of the social area to reveal the ribbed slab as an element structural and architectural original and therefore the installations were exposed which I solved in the simplest way, just protecting them with raw galvanized gutters.

The kitchen was integrated into the social area as was already foreseen in the original design and had the balconies handcrafted in place duly finished with the same finishing material of the floor and walls conferring a monochrome gray aspect and Industrial to the place the doors and the frames were also reformed and modified.

The light was solved with a metallic trough worn on the slab and of purposely exaggerated dimensions to the place generating contrast and tension in this way the environment can be served By the same element with two types of light, direct and indirect for each occasion.

The external area, together with the social, was settled with a deck, level with the internal floor, for free use and giving priority for children to use it to play and in the superior where the rooms are, the floor was made in solid wood planks.

About Mário Sampaio Arquiteto

The firm creates designs for architecture, interiors, and objects, always with a focus on quality. To maintain its commitment to quality, the architect keeps a limited number of clients and only accepts comprehensive contracts that encompass the entire process from the earliest stages of creation to the final execution.


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Project: Costa Rica Apartment

Architect: Mário Sampaio Arquiteto

Location: Juveve – Curitiba-Pr – Brasil

Year: 2014

Total construction area: 160,00 m2

Photographer: Laura Henz



Sr. Nilson dos Santos – Master builder

Marc. Nelson – Joinery

Metais Pinheiro – Special metails

With thanks to Marcelo Palu and Monica Hansen



– Compensados Franke – multilaminated engineered wood

– Deca – Bathroom fixtures and hardware

– Suvinil – White acrylic paint

– Votorantim Cimentos Brasil – Votoran Cement

– La Fonte Assa Abloy – Metal fixtures

– Artesian – Furniture


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