Creating A Kitchen

This kitchen sits gracefully within a fully renovated home. Every detail in this lovely renovation was carefully planned and meticulously carried through in order to respect the architectural character of the house. The final result is a warm, welcoming and highly functional space with a mix of classic elements, modern lines and delicate textures.

“Cuisines Steam’s intervention came early on in the planning process, thus allowing us to plan alongside the client, exactly how the kitchen would be configured. We had liberty as to the optimal location of the island and storage units, taking into consideration the natural light, the placement of the dining table and the adjacent living room.”

The kitchen consequently becomes the feature of the ground floor and at the same time, it integrates seamlessly as well as discreetly, into the open area. The main challenge in this space was maximizing the storage and counter space needs of the client, all the while creating a kitchen that plays an important role but does not overwhelm or dominate the open concept layout. The 17 foot island is strategically placed in such a way that it is only partially visible from both the dining room and living room so as to not visually monopolize the space. The ergonomic and storage needs remain uncompromised and the space feels clutter-free.

The main intention for this project was to create a contemporary kitchen while introducing certain classic elements, such as a chevron wood floor and a tile insert with traditional forms, in order to highlight the original elements of the home. In this way, we were able to harmoniously introduce a modern kitchen into a classic context.

The storage includes a pull-out coffee and breakfast nook, integrated appliances as well as plenty of personalized storage solutions to respond to the particular needs of a family of 6 with 4 young children. The window was also included into the kitchen layout by encasing it fully in wood and allowing for an integrated bench to sit below it. In this way it is an integral part of the kitchen and welcomes anyone to curl up in the window sill and chat with the chef of the moment.

“Our main challenge was to create a kitchen that reflected the everyday lives of the clients all the while accentuating the architectural character of the home.”

About Cuisines Steam

Founded in 2000 by two kitchen enthusiasts, Cuisines Steam is supported by an in-house team of professional interior and industrial designers, cabinetmakers and installers that master the many complexities of a kitchen project. Cuisines Steam offers a highly personalized and custom-made approach to kitchen design. As a result, each client’s ergonomic and aesthetic needs are discussed, evaluated and consequently translated into a tailor-made kitchen with specific storage solutions and exceptional attention to quality and detail.

“Our main intention is to offer a product that fully reflects each client’s everyday realities and needs. The kitchen truly is the heart of the home and it is our belief that it should reflect the uniqueness of every household”
-Cuisines Steam

Location: Outremont, Montreal
Project manager: Patrizia Giacomini
Area of project: 220 p2
Project end date: Summer 2013
Photographer: Mario Dubreuil

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