Discovery Centre for the Mont-Tremblant National Park by Smith Vigeant Architects

Located in the Mont-Tremblant National Park, the Discovery Centre offers a stunning view of Lake Monroe and its surrounding hills and mountains. The building consists of three distinct sections: an amphitheatre, a space for service facilities, and a discovery zone. This building is formed by a continuous band of rustic wood that unfolds into walls, a roof and a floor sheltered by a large canopy.

Given its pristine location in the heart of nature, the use of wood as the primary material facilitated the harmonious insertion of the building into the unspoiled setting. To achieve this, a wide variety of wood species were used on both the exterior and interior, reinterpreting the site’s richness in textures and colours, while giving the building durability and résistance.

Translated jury’s comment: “The illuminated spaces offer an interesting play of volumes, both interior and exterior. The unique building form awakes the senses and invites it to be discovered. The use of abundant and diverse wood types creates warm and welcoming interior spaces.”

 The Discovery Centre was designed around the site’s natural and climatic features and in respect to bioclimatic principles. The development of the project was founded on the assiduous integration of the building into the site as well as its sensitivity to the surrounding area.

The Prize-Winner Laureate of the 4th edition of the “Prix d’excellence CECOBOIS 2014” is awarded to SMITH VIGEANT ARCHITECTS for their project “Centre de découverte du parc national du Mont-Tremblant” in the category “Interior Design”. The project also won the “Sustainable Design  Award” at the Grand Prix du Design and the “Jury Favourite” at the ICCA-CISC Design in 2013.

About Smith Vigeant architects

Daniel Smith and Stéphan Vigeant have been working together since 1992 to define an architectural practice that transcends the traditional scope of the profession. Their vision, combined with diverse and extensive professional experience, now extends to a wide range of projects from the residential, institutional, corporate, leisure and urban sectors.

Their integrated and sustainable approach enables the team to pioneer solid and unique design solutions that effectively incorporates their collective expertise. With this holistic approach to design, all components of a building are integrated from the initial design phase until completion.

The team at Smith Vigeant have built a deep portfolio that includes a broad array of projects varying in scope and complexity, that are cost-effective, energy efficient and have low environmental impact. Smith Vigeant is committed to environmentally responsible architecture as well as the creation of healthy and inspiring spaces that positively impact the people that use them. Their approach is focused on multidisciplinary collaboration that respects the project site.

The firm is acclaimed for creating buildings with a distinct identity, which meet the highest standards of sustainability while reflecting the unique vision of each client. Recognized for conceptual clarity and the sleek craftsmanship of their design projects, Smith Vigeant insists on excellence in the quality of the projects that are born from their designs, ensuring that each idea is expressed down to the smallest detail.

Information sheet :

Name of project : Centre de découverte du parc national du Mont-Tremblant

Location : Mont-Tremblant National Park, (QC) Canada

Name of client : SÉPAQ

Architects/designers : Smith Vigeant architectes

Architect in charge : Daniel Smith, architect, OAQ, LEED®PA

Design Team: Daniel Smith, Anik Malderis, Julien Gouin-Charbonneau, Karine Renaud,

Cindy Neveu, Stéphan Vigeant

Engineers : CLA experts-conseils & Martin Roy et associates

Landscape Architects: VLAN

Contractor : CRT Construction Inc.

Lighting Design : Smith Vigeant architects, Martin Roy et associates, EDP inc

Project size: 600M2 (6 450pi2)

Cost: 2.8M$

Date of completion: 08/2014

Photographer : Stéphane Brugger


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