Fitness club WORLD CLASS Metropolis by VOX Architects

World Class – the Russian fitness clubs chain, absolute leader of the fitness industry in the “luxury” and “premium” segments. In 2016 the management of World Class announced a contest for the best concept of a new image of the whole chain of fitness clubs. VOX Architects won this competition and decided to create a unique modern space with an individual character for comfortable and effective sports.

It was important to achieve the perfect balance between the different areas of the club: to emphasize the ease of the halls for practicing yoga and pilates, to make correct accents in the halls for martial arts and power loads, and, of course, to create an ideal atmosphere in the swimming pool.

The architects chose three main colors: white, gray and red. The game of colors is based on a conflict of opposites: female and male, tender and brutal, plastic and static. White color is associated with air, female; gray – with brutal, earthly; and red – with energy, heartbeat. Also, an important part of interior concept is a unique graphical language that emphasizes architectural forms and works on a seamless image. The decoration of the clubs uses expressive materials: facing slabs, imitating a concrete monolith with traces of formwork and bright glass elements with built-in light.

The concept of light is determined by the absence of visible vertical downlights and rigidly-directed light sources: light in the interior is soft, diffuse and non-aggressive, reflected from large volumes and planes.

Customer: World Class Metropolis

Address: Russia, Moscow, Leningradskoe sh., 16A, 4

Total area: 2 500



Design and construction

Architectural Office: VOX Architects / /

Authors of the project: Boris Voskoboinikov, Maria Akhremenkova, Julia

Noskova, Andrey Koskov

Project Implementation Group: Boris Voskoboinikov, Maria Akhremenkova, Andrey Koskov, Maxim Frolov, Yulia Noskova, Svetlana Gunina, Olga Ivleva-Neuter, Ekaterina Chernysheva, Alexey Drozdov, Valeriya Khlebcevich, Julia Komleva, Sergey Tsarkov, Varvara Tsarkova


Graphic Design: Utter Design

Visualization: Evgeny Nezamaykin, Maxim Frolov

Photo: Sergey Ananiev


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