Garden House by Atelier 010

A couple in Bilthoven wanted a multi-purpose building in their garden which could serve as a studio, classroom and guestroom. In response to this commission, two rooms were realised which fitted within the maximum permitted (zoning) surface of 30m2; a bathroom/toilet and a sitting room/work space with a bookcase.

Garden house hiding in the back of the garden

Big sliding doors open the house towards the garden

Big sliding doors open the house towards the garden

The wooden Western Red Cedar facade has several different measurements to create a more natural pattern

A fantastic view of the garden is afforded from the sitting room through a large sliding door. At the back of this space lies a room length bookcase with a built-in gas fire. The wooden facade is made from horizontally placed planks of WRC (Western Red Cedar) in three varying heights. This creates a natural structure which fits unobtrusively in the outdoor, wooded environment.

The house harbours two spaces, the main space for reading, writing and painting and a small bathroom

A bookshelf covers the entire back wall of the house

Sleeping bench for guests and afternoon naps

Bathroom with overhead window

Functional design of the bathroom includes installations

Night view from exterior highlighting the bamboo bookshelf

Client: private commision

Date: 2007 – 2009

Architect: Atelier 010

Photographer Caren Huygelen (

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