Geraldo Abbondanza Neto House by Decio Tozzi

The shed roof brings contrast to the natural landscape around the residence. Also, the red bricks, concrete, and glass window on its main facade are combined in such ways that deliver harmony to its surrounding.

Inside the house, we get to see the unpolished red bricks and concrete walls, carrying the raw artistry into the wall-less main room which makes the room cozier and enjoyable. The second floor stands out as a mezzanine to bring a unique experience for the users, also making the air circulation favorable. All the design aspects of this house lead to a comfortable experience for its users.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Landscape Design: Amelia Bratke

Structure : Ugo Tedeschi

Construction: CEMPLA

Site : 500m2

Area : 350m2

Architect: Decio Tozzi Arquitetura e Urbanismo


Photos & images : Doc. Decio Tozzi

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