L’Avenue Modern Urban Compound by Urbane Indonesia

This mixed-use complex is built to anticipate housing and office space needs in South Jakarta, especially in Pasar Minggu area. This complex facility consists of two apartment tower each with 24 floors of each tower and a 22-floor office tower. The Office tower is placed in front of a site where a private residence is located at the back of the site.

The access to vehicles to reach the buildings in this complex is tightly restricted only to the main lobby. This is intended to allow the ground floor to be used maximally for non-vehicle activities. Parking area only available in the basement. The ground floor area was designed for public spaces and commercial activities such as F&B and recreation area as supporting facilities for the apartment residents.

The building’s layout is designed following the shape of the site that extends eastward. The slab shape was chosen to achieve the most efficient space and to get the maximum number of units of apartments and the maximum number of office units that facing to the North and South. Mass (slab) apartment buildings are designed to have openings for the purpose of ‘cross ventilation’, so the apartment corridors receive natural lighting. Public facilities and social facilities are placed with the sky garden (at lt 7,8,17,18,19) as the center of people’s interaction in each building tower. For public and social facilities which have a wide area (Elementary School and Kindergarten), are placed on a more private area on the ‘lower ground’ floor and has direct access to outside space.

The building ambiance desired for this project is light and modern, therefore the building mass in the design is transparent with dominated laminated glass, while the massive field is selected using Aluminum Composite Panel metallic color. The facade of these buildings is using repeating lines that applied to the crown, the fins, and the canopy.

As explained before, to obtain visual and thermal comfort, the building’s orientation is designed facing north and south sides to reduce the exposure of solar heat to the building facade. It is indirectly expected that the use of energy for lighting and air conditioning in each unit can be saved. The building is designed to have cross ventilation to maximize the use of air conditioning or artificial lighting in public spaces.

Urbane Indonesia Senior Architects


Project Data:

Land Area: 2.3 Ha

Building Area: 130.000 sqm

Architect: Urbane Indonesia /


Client : PT. Bintang Rajawali Perkasa

Service : Conceptual Design-Construction Drawing

Location : Pancoran, Jakarta

Type : Office, Apartment

Completion: 2016

Photos: Doc. PT. Urbane Indonesia

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