Mondelez International by VOX Architects

Mondelez is one of the world’s largest multinational food companies. Its portfolio includes such well-known brands as: Alpen Gold, Milka, Dirol, and Oreo, among others.

In 2015, Mondelez announced plans to expand its Moscow offices and tendered a design project for a new large space in the center of the capital. Studio VOX Architects was selected as the winner, beating out many notable Russian architectural firms which also took part in the bidding process. The design plan extended over five floors, consisting of old and new office space. The space had great potential for development: at the site of an excellent location, panoramic windows, terraces, and balconies allowed stunning views of the city.VOX Architects sought to create a unique creative atmosphere, comfortable for every employee, which would emphasise the values of the global brand.

For VOX Architects, work on the new offices began with a detailed study of Mondelez’s operations and brand portfolio. The overall ethos of Mondelez is expressed in their slogan, “the power of big and small,” which combines such concepts as ‘global and local,’ ‘tomorrow and today,’ and ‘we and I.’ The essence of this corporate slogan is that big things cannot be achieved without small steps, that is, the success of the whole company depends on the work of each individual employee. Color solutions, slogans and mottos from the company’s brand-book were actively used by the studio authors when creating the overall design concept.

The Mondelez office occupies five floors of a business center, with a total area of ​​more than 5,000 sq.m. The typology of the premises are of a homogeneous structure: all employee workplaces, including management, are in open-plan. With this, the studio architects offered to organize a large corporate events area, with adjustable configurations, on the fifth floor. The top floor space united the reception, events zone, and client meeting space. The area includes five independent meeting rooms, a café with kitchenette, and a hot-desks area.

With the help of mobile partitions and mobile furniture, the floor can be transformed into a completely open space for corporate events, presentations, celebrations, and brining together all employees in one place. The reception area is separated by an arch in the form of a drop of “Joy” – the brand name Mondelez. In this arch, from the side of the relaxation zone, shelves are organised to hold some of the company’s numerous awards. The result is a space where Mondelez employees, guests, and customers can feel and absorb the company’s ideology.

The office space is further equipped with additional meeting rooms, staff training facilities, a mother and child room, common dining room with kitchen, and coffee-points. Each floor has zones of “collaboration”, “concentration” and “inspiration”, so that they can suit employees in collective communication, individual work or inspiration for new ideas. A relaxation area with massage chairs was created for maxium employee comfort.
Two floors of office space were in a state of “shell and core;” works on the remaining three floors were carried out while maintaining some of the pre-existing features and materials. The difficulty in designing was the obsolete structure of the building, in which columns had been arranged in a somewhat chaotic order. In the new design plan, an array of walls were used to hide the columns.

Terraces and balconies were resdisgned into relaxation zones, for short-term resting throughout the working day.


Customer: LLC Mondelez Rus

Address: Russia, Moscow, Dolgorukovskaya st., 7

Total area: 5 200 sq.m.

Year of implementation: 2017


Architect: VOX Architects


Authors of the project: Boris Voskoboynikov, Maria Akhremenkova, Julia Noskova, Andrey Koskov

Project Implementation Group: Boris Voskoboynikov, Maria Akhremenkova, Julia Noskova, Maxim Frolov, Olga Ivleva-Neiter, Ekaterina Chernyshova, Andrey Koskov, Alexey Drozdov, Yulia Komleva, Maxim Frolov, Valeria Khlebtsevich, Pavel Surshkov

Photos: Doc. VOX Architects











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