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A sorting box as an architectural play of light. Measuring only 44 x 44 millimetres, Qbini is not only the newest but also the smallest spotlight ever produced by Modular Lighting Instruments. Qbini derives its inspiration from the shape sorting boxes we all played with as children and allows you to create your own fixture in two colours, six shapes and four sizes. What’s more, this fixture is modular: a little push and an ingenious mechanical click system allows you to instantly change the look of your lighting. Qbini is now also available in an adjustable fixture.

‘When Modular asked me to design a small, square spotlight, I wanted to transcend the obvious. I wanted to design something that reflected the name Modular: in other words, something modular. Considering this model was to be square, the first thing that came to mind was the sorting box I played with as a child. The result, Qbini, is just as playful. The LED lighting is contained in a kind of mechanical box. Pushing against the lighting unit causes it to retract. This patented system, in combination with the various shapes and colours, allows you to freely experiment with the design of the fixture. Qbini may look simple, but its technology is complex,’ explains French designer Florent Coirier.

One fixture, infinite possibilities

Qbini allows you to experiment with your lighting. You can select one frame in which one, two, three or four Qbinis fit. The Qbini’s light source is contained in a round or square shape that can be protruding, recessed or tapered. That makes six possibilities in all! Besides that, the frame and the lighting modules are available in a white or black grained finish, allowing you to play with contrasts. And finally, there is the ingenious, patented push system: the lighting modules are recessed into the frame as a standard, but with a single push, you can allow the module to be recessed even deeper into the fixture, or to protrude outwards even farther. This makes for an extremely playful, yet architectural fixture!

Simple yet complex

Although Qbini is no more than 44 X 44 mm in size, its recently developed reflector produces a very high light output. Additionally, there are two beam angle options available: medium or flood. With a CRI of 92, the LEDs are of an outstanding quality. You can also equip the Qbinis with accessories (honeycomb, crossblade or snoot) to create specific lighting effects.

Same features, even more customization

Modular enlarges the possibilities of Qbini by launching Qbini adjustable. This solution features an asymmetrically rotating light source for even more detailed lighting effects.

Qbini Adjustable comes with the same patented clicking system and tool-free, screw-free installation process as the original. Select the standard recessed position, or click the unit in again for a deeper recess. It fits in existing 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x Qbini frames and can be mixed-and-matched with any combination of the other 6 Qbini units to achieve special effects tailored to your space. Rotate the LED light source to highlight room elements with a medium or flood beam angle tilted at 30 degrees.

Data Sheet – Qbini ID

  • White or black grained finish
  • Six shapes: square (recessed, protruding, tapered) or round (recessed, protruding, tapered)
  • Available with one, two, three or four spotlights
  • LEDS in CRI 90+, 2 700K, 3 000K, 4 000K, +/- 400 lumens
  • Beam angle: medium or flood
  • Dimmable
  • Recommended retail price: starting at 85 euros (Qbini incl. frame)


About Florent Coirier

Florent Coirier (1983) is a French industrial designer. He designs simple products with strong semantics that are always practical and functional. From lighting to small items of furniture and diverse objects, he develops every design in close consultation with the client. ‘We believe in creating objects that have meaning, so that they give meaning to everyday life,’ Coirier explains. He has already designed for brands such as L’Oréal, Ligne Roset and Emu. For Modular Lighting Instruments Coirier designed the Spektra.


About Modular Lighting instruments

Belgian company Modular Lighting Instruments has been conquering the world since 1980 with its leading high-end architectural lighting, in which creativity and technology are key. In addition to the headquarters in Belgium, it has showrooms in Antwerp, Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, U.S.A. and sales outlets in more than eighty countries worldwide.

Images: Doc. Qbini


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