Runway Concept Store: An Italian Touch In Vietnam

Architect Fabio Ferrillo designs Vietnamese concept store Runway  between pure lines and tributes to the masters of the ‘50s

Fabio  Ferrillo  –  founder  of  Milan-based  architecture  studio  OFF  Arch  –  takes  on  a  new  challenge and lands in Hanoi, Vietnam, with the realization of Runway concept store. The  driving  idea  was  to  create  a  space  where  the  colors  and  shapes  of  the  luxuriant  Vietnamese vegetation could combine with the essential lines of the masters of ‘50s Italian  design: Franco Albini, Osvaldo Borsani, Carlo Scarpa.

The Central Building, venue hosting the store, represents an important center and is well frequented  by  diplomats  and  demanding  clients  seeking  the  most  exclusive  fashion  pieces.  A  sumptuous canopy,  reminiscent  of  the  hotel  entrances of  Côte  d’Azur,  invites  customers  to  enter  a  unique,  contemporary  store  full  of  light  –  just  as  the  commercial  spaces of the international capitals.

The Venetian terrazzo floor is enclosed in vertical partitions where to admire extraordinary  patterns  recalling  details  of  the  most  esteemed  Italian  stones,  like  Navona  travertine  or ceppo di Gré. Inside, large glass displays composed of mirrored surfaces of polished steel and  lacquers  in  pastel  shades  enhance  the  fashion  collections,  making  the  garments  visible and appealing. The areas are marked by irregular fields of soft, natural fiber carpets  in contrast with the precious French herringbone parquet in natural oak.

The  climax  is  represented  by  the  monumental  staircase  of  beige  Hauteville  stone  from  Southern  France:  huge  stone  slab  as  steps  expand  the  sales  floor  area,  accompanying  clients onto the second floor of the store on a journey through a unique luxury shopping  experience.


Fabio Ferrillo  Profile

Fabio Ferrillo develops his unique style in the most relevant interior design offices at first in  Milan and then in Paris, specialized in the design of luxury interiors and commercial spaces  for  prestigious  Italian  brands.  After  gaining  experience  in  France,  Fabio  comes  back  to  Milan  in  2010  to  establish  interior  and  product  design  studio  OFF  Arch,  focused  on  the  sectors of luxury fashion retail, hospitality, institutional and residential interiors.


His  formation  at  Politecnico  di  Milano  and  the  international  collaborations  allowed  the architect to develop his own language combining the most cultured and sophisticated Milanese tradition – from Franco Albini’s furniture at Casa del Cedro by Giulio Minoletti – with the will to experiment including deconstructed and daring contemporary aesthetics. Most  of  all,  it  is  his  experience  in  the  fashion  industry,  matured  through  important realizations  –  MSGM  Headquarters,  Emilio  Pucci  offices  and  Chiara  Ferragni  Collection showroom – that influenced his realizations, each time able to recreate a spectacular and conceptually refined atmosphere which also distinguishes his projects in other fields, such  as high-end Osteria Campamac and Vietmanese luxury store Runway.


A strong linear geometry characterizes the office’s projects, where segments and broken lines rejoin in warm diagonals of matter and light, or else recreate minimal, well-balanced atmospheres. His sensitivity in the use of color and lighting matches the sparkling metals and precious marbles, sometimes seduced by the appeal of the raw and deconstructed, like rough concrete and exposed technical plants. Each and everyone of Fabio Ferrillo’s  projects  embodies  a  captivating  harmony  slowly  disclosing  to  the  observer,  between iconic references to the great masters of architecture and new, charming perspectives.


Architect: Fabio Ferrillo

Photos: Doc. Off Arch

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