Sejong 2-2 M2BL Tomorrow City

This project is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of apartment construction projects by the Korea Land and Housing Corporation, and to propose a new paradigm apartment house that can accommodate future residential demands, deviating from the existing norms of Korean apartments.

In order to guarantee the individuality of residents and to restore urban publicness, we have planned a district that becomes a town in a city and a city in a town, which we have proposed in three aspects.

First, the space between the city and the complex is overlapped to create a ‘multi-dimensional space’ as a rich walking space without boundaries. Second, we planned to establish a multi-center space that has no fixed paths through various spatial connections and multi-faceted community relations. Third, in order to accommodate the needs of various residents, we planned multiple types of apartment buildings that are not fixed into one prototype.

Taeman Kim

Changhak Choi

Project: Sejong 2-2 M2BL Tomorrow City

Architects: HAEAHN Architecture, Inc. + H Architecture PC

Design Architect: Taeman Kim, Changhak Choi

Location: Saerom-dong, Sejong-si, Republic of Korea

Use: Apartment

Total Floor Area: 170,611.50㎡

Number of Floors: 29F / B1

Design / Completion: 2013 / 2017

Images: Doc. HAEAHN Architecture, Inc. + H Architecture PC



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