Small Studio With Great Love For Design

‘-Love, Ana’ is a small Zagreb, Croatia-based product design studio and store whose products are made exclusively by local craftsmen and only from materials available in Croatia. Products offered are designed by Ana Tevsic Naukovic with great care and meticulous attention to detail and, most importantly, love.

They are handmade and appear in small series. The design focuses on the functionality of the product, leaving its form clean and simple. The wood used for their products has no other finishing but a coat of natural linseed oil. This makes the products eco-friendly and promotes a deeper level of interaction between an item and the user. As the users care for their items by giving them an occasional coating of oil they develop a more meaningful relationship with them.

‘-Love, Ana’ collaborated on several projects with foreign companies, one of the best being limited product collections for Cartoon Network, Medvedgrad brewery and Haga jewellery company from France. The studio was the Bronze winner at the 2013 International Design Awards in the Professional / Office Category for Interior Design. The Traveller lamp received the 2015 AZ People’s Choice Award for design excellence, Silver in Home interior products/Lighting category at the European product design award 2017 and is currently nominated for German Design Award 2018.

The concept of the studio is to provide a place where you can learn more about the products sold there, but more importantly talk to the designer, work or just hang out. Its warm interior and window change on a weekly basis making it more of a gallery than a shop.


About –Love, Ana

–Love, Ana. design studio was founded in 2011 and exhibited in Milan, Copenhagen, Berlin and London. Three years later, a showroom opened in the centre of Zagreb where people could see the products first hand. Since then, the studio evolved into a mix between store and gallery, where products are designed, created, produced and finally sold to the customer.


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