Topography Interior Flow Office Renovation was Awarderd the JCD Award

Topography Interior “FLOW” was awarded the JCD award 2009 by Japan Association of Commercial Space Designers.  This award is given to the next generation of architects and space designers.

“FLOW” was generated by 3D computer modeling. In addition, the space has a link with Japanese  tradidional concepts and expressions, like the feeling of diversity of Haiku, the abstraction of natural geography in Hiroshige’s paintings. The project also re-imagines the coexistance of the simple and decorative aspects of the Tea ceremony.

This project is project is a conversion from an office and old residential complex to an office space with  storage, on the 2nd floor of a paper craft factory in the old downtown of Asakusa, Tokyo.

The small existing office was a chaotic mix of working, meeting and waiting areas in the same space. 5 different areas were required for new offices according to their new working style, with working, meeting, waiting, reception areas and a display area to show their high paper craft skill. However, the area of new office is not large enough to divide into 5 different spaces. This project has 2 main objectives. The 1st is to create a multiple space which enables 5 different functions to share the space and furniture.  The 2nd is to make multiple experiences in the landscape to have a link with the multiple space functions.


The 5 different areas are arranged in the space according to those functions, circulation paths, windows and exits. Then one object flows on the overlap of each area with diversifying the height,width, depth and form to adapt multiple functions. Partition / shelves / counter / bench / blinder… The object enables 5 different areas to share the space by uniting and dividing multiple areas according to the business situations. Working / meeting / information / waiting area and display area… The different areas can work in the same space by the polysemy of the object.

This object becomes polysemic due to the deformed geometry corresponding with different functions and areas. Therefore, we can have diverse experiences by different forms of space, texture of wooden object, light and shadow, when we walk inside. It seems modern and humanity, artificial and natural, simple and complex atmosphere.

This polysemy according to our movement reminds us of experiences in natural fields or mountains. When we are walking in the natural landscape, the perspective, sounds, smell, all of them are changing. Therefore, this project can be considered as creating a topographical interior with multiple forms, functions and experiences like a natural landscape.

SUGAWARADAISUKE was selected as one of the best 30 architects 2009 in Japan. And Topography Interior “FLOW” was awarded the JCD award 2009. SUGAWARADAISUKE was selected as one of the best 30 architects

Mr. Daisuke Sugawara, architect and art director of SUGAWARADAISUKE was selected as the best 30 architects by one of the most popular Japanese architectural magazine “Nikkei Architecture”. Daisuke was appreciated for his projects  which integrate cutting edge 3d computer study with Japanese traditional architectural space.

Reflecting this  ongoing research, topographical interior <FLOW> was selected as the best 100 projects 2009 in Japan.

Project Data

Title: topographical interior  [FLOW]

Site: Tokyo, Japan

Function: Office, Storage

Area: 52.78sqm

Architect: Daisuke Sugawara / SUGAWARADAISUKE



Structure Advice :Yuki Sakurai  (for object)

Constraction :Sou-Kenchiku

Photo: Koich Torimura, Daisuke Sugawara /SUGAWARADAISUKE

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