A Slice of The Earth Adorning Your Space: From Quarry Into Your Homes

One of the best things about natural stone is that they come straight from the earth. These natural materials are taken from the ground and then crafted into something that looks amazing in your home. We tout that, no two natural slabs, their final products that goes into your floor, kitchen countertops, or walls are identical. But, have you ever wondered how this process works?

We’ll take you through this process to help you understand how marble and granite and other types of stone go from the earth to your living space.

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How is Marble Mined?
Mining marble from a quarry involves creating a bench wall, which requires synthetic diamond wire and diamond-tipped drills to separate the rock to form a vertical plane. This involves drilling holes in the marble from the top of the quarry and lining up another drill hole from the side. The marble is fed through these holes and connected to a machine that keeps tension on the wire as it slices through the marble. In certain cases, particularly when quarries are located inside mountains, a chainsaw-like mechanism is used.

After the marble has. been mined, it will be sent to a stone cutting facility to be transformed into slabs. Technicians then use Gangsaw to cute the marble and then into the polishing line. After polishing, only a marginal amount of the surface will feature the resin coating, maintaining the purity and breathtaking beauty of the finished stone.

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Some of the most notable quarries are in Italy, Turkey, Spain, India, China, and also Indonesia, although marble can be found across the world. In fact, most marbles are named from the quarry where they were found the first time — such as Carrara .

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