Kigali Genocide Memorial Amphitheatre

Rwanda is a climatic rainy area. The amphitheater in the museum area is desired to be covered for creating protection from rain. Amphitheater structures are uncovered designs. Amphitheater structures consist of stage and the audience which create one open area. Instead of a collection of spaces next to each other, such as housing and offices, only a space is designed in this project.

One open space. Emptiness is designed. Project which consists in an open side of the stage and audience area covered by a curved steel forms. Rwanda historical King’s Houses has circular shape as a dome. Emptiness form is inspired from Rwandan historical architecture.


Principal Architect: Selim Senin

Year: 2018

Status: Current works

Type: Parks, Public Gardens / Multi-purpose Cultural Centres / Theatres / Museums / Concert Halls / Monument

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