• Song Art Museum

    Song Art Museum is an “Art Container”, with “Art” as the Mainstay and “Container” as the Supplement. It Transforms Everything into [...]
  • 50 Sqm for 5 People

    With a real estate market always under pressure and the growing attraction of Paris both locally and globally, small housing is becoming an undeniable reality in the French [...]
  • Big and Tiny Silverlake

    Out of the need for a cool spot for both kids and adults to enjoy. A place where families can grow in every aspect of their lives. This is how the idea of Big and Tiny was [...]
  • Lar Familiar

    The apartment was renovated during the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant that the construction process had to be adapted for safety reasons, especially as the site had no outside [...]

Editor Choice

  • Beiriz House

    March 3, 2021 // 0 Comments

    The allotment of Violantas was designed along a street with lots on both sides and is located in the parish of Beiriz. The surrounding area has fields for cultivating corn [...]

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