Hotel & Villa

Hotel Tentrem Jakarta

After successfully presenting two classy hotels in Yogyakarta and Semarang, now the third hotel is being built. Unlike the previous two hotels, Hotel Tentrem Jakarta is a [...]

July 31, 2023 // 0 Comments

Rita’s Gardens

The villa is located on the edge of a small town surrounded by numerous vineyards for the production of Prosecco wine. The land owned covers an area around 25,000 square [...]

June 3, 2023 // 0 Comments

Lakeside Villa

While art creates realms, elegance brings the heart back to life The rare luxury housing not only enjoys exceptional resources, but also responds to residents’ unique [...]

April 10, 2023 // 0 Comments

Lake Ville V

As a top landmark in Shanghai, Lake Ville V, is not only a residence, but also a symbol of Shanghai’s cultural heritage, carrying the unique style and artistic atmosphere [...]

February 19, 2023 // 0 Comments

Boeing Villa on the Rock

This is a wonderful villa in the fuselage of Boeing 100 sq.m. It’s an unusual apartment on a cliff at an altitude of 150 meter with an ocean view. The wing of the [...]

October 30, 2022 // 0 Comments

Villa Greencore, Taizhou, China

Designed by T.K. Chu Design, the four-story villa named Greencore is located among hills, woods, and lakes. With angled cornices and floor-to-ceiling windows, it shows an [...]

July 2, 2022 // 0 Comments

Guilin Lebei Homestay Hotel

The project is located in Guilin, Guangxi, a famous scenic tourist city. The climate is mild and pleasant, with lush trees and a small river flowing through the site. The [...]

March 23, 2022 // 0 Comments

Diagonal House

This villa, located on the surroundings of the city of Aveiro, is part of a consolidated residential area, but with low occupancy density, being part of a housing complex of [...]

February 27, 2022 // 0 Comments

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