Are Your Elevators and Escalators Thinking Ahead?

Complementing maintenance service contracts, our digital services allow us to respond to your specific needs and requirements. We leverage the potential of the internet of things (IoT) and machine learning to offer you radically improved and intuitive maintenance services.

Schindler Ahead or familiarly known as IoEE (Internet of Elevator and Escalator) is the latest Schindler technology that gives customers complete transparency about all equipment in their buildings and deliver user experience for passengers by avoiding unplanned shutdowns.

This technology monitors elevators and escalators through the 24-hours real-time support from Schindler Technical Operation Center (TOC) and customer service that working side-by-side with our field expert that proactively turns data analytics into tailored, concrete actions and close the loop whenever the system detects problems before they occur.

Picture: How IoEE – powered by Schindler Ahead works

Schindler Ahead ActionBoard
Experience a new way to stay in the know about the status of your lifts and escalators. At all times. The Schindler Ahead ActionBoard brings clarity and convenience for building owners and managers grappling with the day-to-day tasks of maintaining mobility equipment.

Technical Operation Center (TOC)
The Technical Operation Center (TOC) is the link between our Ahead remote monitoring systems, field operations, and the customer. We monitor the connected portfolio to provide real-time action for our customers.

About Schindler
Our elevators, escalators and moving walks transport more than 1.5 billion of us up and down buildings and across transportation hubs every day.

Since our founding in Central Switzerland in 1874, we have been pioneering new technologies and driving innovation.

We are combining innovation, technology, and smart mobility with high ethical standards and respect for the environment. In the world’s growing metropolises, our products and services enable quality of urban living for current and future generations.

About Schindler in Indonesia
Schindler in Indonesia for the very first time in 1978, under Berca Indonesia; in Jakarta & Batam. In 2000, PT Berca Schindler Lifts was set up as a joint venture between Central Cipta Murdaya Group and Jardine Schindler Group and is a subsidiary of Schindler in Indonesia.

Currently we are running 8 branches and serve our customers all over Indonesia for the whole life cycle of an installation – from planning and installation to maintenance and modernization. Our state-of-the-art transit management systems support efficient and comfortable movement across buildings and infrastructure networks.

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