Furnitur Unik Cheft Karya Maryam Pousti

The Cheft bookshelf is assembled without the need for nails, screws or glue, and can be used as shelving or as a room divider. Two sets of six panels intersect through angle-specific grooves ...

The Unique Atmosphere of Meet11

The Meet11 Huayang Restaurant is located in Phase II of Qingguo Lane, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Meet 11 is a place to eat, meet friends, and pass the time in a refined, contemporary i...

Kali Coffee Roasters Providing the Baristas with the Perfect Stage to Display Their Talents

Concentrico proudly introduces its comfortable environment for the workers of Kali Coffee Roasters®, a Mexican company established by cafetaleros (coffee producers). With over 30 years of ex...

Ecological Co-WorkScape

The technological revolution and pandemic have made remote work prevalent, requiring us to reinterpret the meaning and value of "working together." Under these circumstances, this project for...

Compartir Restaurant, Bringing the Artsy Spirit of Dali’s Town

The chefs of Compartir aimed to bring the essence of the Mediterranean town of Cadaques, home of their first restaurant, to their new gastronomic concept in Barcelona. Slate roads, blue windo...

Custom Lighting for Unique Light Sculptures Referencing Fish Roe

ADesignStudio drew inspiration from one of Flying Fish’s signature dishes to create a series of light installations in the reimagined Sydney restaurant. Referencing caviar, clusters of hand...

Sushi Club in Cesano Maderno Presenting Light Geometries that Create an Effect of Depth and Dynamism

The Italian architect Maurizio Lai shapes the spaces of the Asian restaurant Sushi Club in Cesano Maderno, Milan, as a scenographic backdrop within which to enjoy a renewed gastronomic experi...

KOI Restaurant

Base4work Boutique Cowoking Space

Moya Resto by Maurizio Lai

Strings of light, sculptural fluidity and boreal shades: Maurizio Lai defines new spaces for the food experience.
At Moya, a fusion cuisine restaurant in the North of Italy, bright install...

Showroom for GAB by Ark Shelter

Pan de Cuco by Zooco Estudio

Shift Lagree Studio by ITGinteriors

Gallery and Space by ORA

STK Restaurant by Komplits