Chengdu Science Fiction Museum a Centre of Inspiration and Innovation

Launching the careers of many renowned Chinese authors over the past five decades, Chengdu is the country's leading incubator of science fiction writing. Showcasing the city’s contribution ...

Tinker Imagineers Designs New Exhibition in Most Interactive Museum in the World

New Media Museum of the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision open to the public after renovation
The new Media Museum of Sound & Vision reopened to the public on Saturday 11 Fe...

LUISS Guido Carli University Campus

Surrounded by greenery and with its permeable and transparent skin, the building seems to dissolve into the landscape, evoking the classic tree house, from which it takes not only its outline...

Singapore's New Science Centre Design Unveiled

Singapore’s Science Centre Board has unveiled the design of the new Science Centre which will provide unique facilities and programmes as a destination for all Singaporeans to access scienc...

Song Art Museum

Song Art Museum is an "Art Container", with "Art" as the Mainstay and "Container" as the Supplement. It Transforms Everything into Geometry and Purity and Takes “Non-Action” from the Outs...

Big and Tiny Silverlake

Out of the need for a cool spot for both kids and adults to enjoy. A place where families can grow in every aspect of their lives. This is how the idea of Big and Tiny was born. Big and Tiny ...

An Unusual Library for Collège Trinité

Imagining the Schools of Tomorrow

University of Law-Paris I, Modernisation of the Lourcine Barracks

Mi Casita Preschool and Cultural Center

The Heights Building by Bjarke Ingels Group

York University Student Centre Puts Inclusivity at the Forefront of Education Design

Fermi School in Turin: A community school open to the city by BDR bureau

Piuarch Presents "Espaço" in São Paulo: An Urban Regeneration Project

Architectures for Children: The Design of Education