Corporate Office by Vismit Architects

A typical Challenging narrow site is located in the mixed-use area of Bangalore.  Public garden on Front (East) of the plot had one distinct advantage to the location. The close proximity of the surrounding low rise structures limits the view on remaining sides.

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

The Clients brief dedicated alarms to a single corporate house to accommodate his two main businesses like software and Real Estate developers with common facilities, independent and private spaces, Guest rooms meant maintaining the identity of techno craft office space. This project is defined as a functional commercial space where different elements meet, luxury, spacious interiors, neutral palettes and loads of sunlight and more importantly, an office space designed to cater and represent various business under a single roof, while also giving each one their personal space.

The company logo provides inspiration for the facade pattern. It acts as the focal point of the design giving identity to the building. Night time illumination has been given special importance and is carefully done in order to find the built form the DMX dynamic lighting which adds to overall impact of the building allowing it to stand boldly in the neighborhood, a variety of different hues and shades of colors are achieved in for facade to light up at night.

Aesthetic art sculptures are an integral part of the space allowing the visitors to enjoy the building.

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat


The function whereas the spread over five floors with basement housing a parking, drivers rest-room, and other storage spaces, while the ground floor house the formal reception area, cozy waiting lounge, training room & with the courtyard giving adding a feature to space.

The First, Second and Fourth floor mainly caters to a different department having its own meeting room ’s and Workstations.

The third floor serves as a management floor or executive floor with MDs cabin, Secretaries, CEO cabins, board-room, reception, and waiting lounge area. It’s a luxurious space exuding sophistication. Brown and beige are the theme interiors combine to infuse richness and depth to space.

The fifth floor is a relaxation floor which includes a cafeteria, pantry, guest rooms, and terrace garden.

The canteen area opens into an outdoor terrace overlooking a landscape space which further overlooks a lavish panoramic view of the city.

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat


The Flooring is a combination of high luxury marble that’s infused with locally available Granite and imported furniture. From Paint finished walls to large collection of Marbles, Art and knick-knacks, the office space has it’s all, but nothing comes across as incongruous as it is in coherence with the theme and interiors.

 Reception makes a bold statement I love being a glimpse of office interiors; The Statuario marble flooring ensures a luxurious feel and compliments with the brown onyx Marble cladding, Veneer, and wood rafters in the ceiling. The custom-made reception table features the logo of the company – a unique design element.

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

Interesting light fixtures, Ceiling patterns, wall coverings and furniture pieces enhance the look and feel of the space spaces they inhabit, contributing to the interior design.

A sculpture featuring a kneeling man forms the focal point of the space, catching and holding the attention of the visitors Transition spaces like staircase and lift are arranged to structures the views towards the courtyard, fountain area, and each floor space. Simple detailing enhances the beauty of Grijo Aramani Marble

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

The open office layout allows for easy circulation. Executive cabins and small informal lounge are placed near these spaces to encourage discussions and exchange of ideas. Planters are incorporated in the design to add an element of ‘Green’ to the interiors and provides visual relieves.

Even though each meeting room is treated differently, there is an underlying interconnectedness that binds them, in the sense of decor, colours and furnishings.

The hexagonal colorful workstations at the end act as a bright feature in the central spine to lower the work stress level and create an aura of cheerfulness.

The lift lobby on each floor is artistically done up by using Natural Amber Onyx with backlit setting the stage for interior experience for the visitors.

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

The plush interiors of the Managing director’s cabin use wood, leather, and veneer paneling with an area is set aside acting as a lounge with comfortable Italian sofas with the backdrop of natural fossil imprint Marble.

The Managing director’s cabin has an anteroom with personal Locker room and Restroom.

The furniture and furnishing have been carefully selected design and style to suit the look and feel of the space.

One of the most interesting features of the space is the flooring of volcanic natural Marble from Japan adds an element to the sober interiors.

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

Every nook and corner of the terrace garden has been well planned and designed to allow the patrons to enjoy the space to the maximum.

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

Vibrant artwork adorns on the backdrop walls seem to break the Monotones of the interiors.

Lounge seating is comfortable and in hues of brown, complementing the Colour palette with an eye-catching feature of Onyx with a perfect backlit catches the mind of the visitors.

The washroom/vanity is sensitively designed in subtle tones of grey with unfilled Travertine marble and fitted with world-class fixtures.

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

The boardroom is a luxurious space reflecting the company’s image; the Acoustic paneling and the orange carpet with white ceiling & linear light pattern, Dual Screen nurtures the look for the Boardroom. The shape of the table and marble used for the tabletop is a perfect blend of material making a statement  in the Boardroom.

The canteen area has an interesting luminaire designed using randomly suspended circular lights contrast with the colorful sound blades of Armstrong matching with stylish furniture.

The guest rooms too are designed with all the facilities and the comfort of the user in mind.

Ar. Asmita Karale & Ar. Vishal Karale. Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

Corporate Office Building , Bangalore

Architecture  & Interiors: Vismit Architects

Design Team: Vishal, Asmita, Sathya R, Sushant Latkar, Tejas Methe Patil.


Plot Area: 2976 Sqft

Built-Up Area: 15000 Sqft

Duration: Jan 2018- Aug 2019

Structural: Dr. Chetan K

Electrical: New Design Consultant

Plumbing: BAYS Consultancy Services

Civil & Interior Contractors: VACONS

Photography: Prashant Bhat


About Vismit Architects

Vismit Architects was established by Ar. Asmita Karale & Ar. Vishal Karale at Bangalore, Karnataka in 2009.The Firm with a diverse portfolio in this working span includes various projects related to Private high-end Residences & Luxurious Villas, Group Housing, Commercial setups, Hotels, Educational and Industrial Projects and selective Interior projects across pan India.

Design philosophy is based on avoiding architectural complexity and focusing on the simplicity of the building to express the design ethos and make it functionally aesthetic.

Leveraging the strengths and experience of the team, they strive for simple yet subtle designs that work efficiently, have a clear delivery of concept and are enjoyed by end-users which ultimately contribute to the context of place.

Every project design by the Firm is an optimum design proposal with the lowest possible energy consumption and the most comfortable internal environment. At most care is taken to utilize the natural sunlight and ventilation and focused to be designed as Green building.