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Electrical energy is a primary need for human being, because electrical energy functions to drive motors, lighting, cooling, heating, and others. In fact, electrical energy is the driving wheel of development and human life.

To function properly electrical energy needs cables. Cables play such an important role in delivering electricity from the electricity source to the electricity-using devices so that electrically powered devices can work properly.

Kabelmetal Indonesia is a trust cable brand in Indonesia which manufactured by PT KMI Wire and Cable Tbk who established on January 19th, 1972 (formerly PT Kabemetal Indonesia).

PT KMI Wire and Cable Tbk is one of the qualified suppliers of conductors and power cables to PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) and also major cable supplier to private and industrial sectors, namely oil and gas, mining, various industrial and many others, either directly or through its nation-wide chains of distributor and resellers.

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The Company manufactures more than 2,000 different types and sizes of electrical cables, such as Low Voltage Cable, Medium Voltage Cable and High Voltage Cable. The Company also manufactures Fire Resistant Cables, Flame Retardant Cables, Nylon Jacketed Cables, and other Special Cables, which are mainly used in Geothermal Power Plant, and Mining, Oil and Gas Company as customer required.

Low Voltage Cables
Low Voltage Power Cables are rated up to 0.6/1 kV mainly used in electric distribution at the nearest end to users’ items, like machineries, equipments, appliances, lightings, power outlets, and others.

The Company supports the government Clean Energy (Renewable Energy) program by producing power cables with special materials for Solar Power Plants, Geothermal Power Plants and Mining, Oil & Gas Industry.

Medium Voltage, HTLS and High Voltage Cables
Medium Voltage Power Cables are rated up to 18/30 (36) kv and mainly used in MV distribution network.

Aluminium Conductor Composite Core (ACCC) is an HTLS cables rated up to 500kV used the overhead transmission line that carries electrical energy from a generation site, such as power plan to an electrical substation.

High Voltage Cables up to 150 kV used in the underground transmission lines between two units of an electricity distributor grid, a generator unit and a distribution unit or inside a station or sub-station.

Fire Resistance Cables
Fire Resistant Cables are used on wiring of fire resistant safety circuits, such as fire alarm system, emergency lighting and power, public address and emergency voice communication systems in high-rise building, control and instrumentation services in industrial, commercial and residential complexes.

PT KMI Wire and Cable Tbk has been awarded ISO 9002 for Quality System, ISO 14001 for Environmental System, ISO 45001 and SMK3 for Health and Safety System.

PT KMI Wire and Cable Tbk is the reliable cable producer for your electrical needs.

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