River House by Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos

River House is a 1,200 square meters construction designed in a wooded area of Valle de Bravo. This project is composed of two spaces, one private and one open divided by a river that starts at the main entrance and surrounds the entire house.

Night Front View. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

This grand project harbors an underground wine cellar with the ideal temperature and lighting, it has a capacity of 400 bottles. Next to it, we can also find an underground high-tech multimedia room.

View from the River. Photo credit: Jose Margaleff

On the terrace, you will find an exterior kitchen worthy of the best chefs in the world with a stone oven, Viking Grill, Teppanyaki iron facing a dining table for 14, lounge areas, pool, and gas chimney. The interior kitchen and its 6 meters high ceiling gives service to the breakfast room which is surrounded by a steel and glass structure facing the garden, river and surrounding forest, and to the interior 12 seat dining room. After dinner, you may enjoy the main living room alongside the double-height main entrance with a wood fireplace that warms the whole house on chilly evenings.

Interior River. Photo credit: Jose Margaleff

The private area, a three-level section, contains 5 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and balcony created to enjoy alone time facing the river. On the lower level, there is a full spa with sauna, Hamman and massage area. At the turn of every corner, you find interior gardens that intertwine open and closed spaces.

Interior Diningroom. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

The house was built with steel framing which allows for wide areas with large windows and double-height ceilings. Earth-tone coating stones are used for the façade. Glazed tiles on the ceiling, Alamo wood window frames, and railings, as well as black aluminum frames.

Terrace. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

A steel and glass bridge connects the two volumes and allows views of the natural surroundings and the architecture of the house.

Terrace. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

Dark grey stones, mahogany wood, detailed topography, and the surrounding vegetation and river are combined to make River House feel like it is part of nature. The architectural language, created from layers of different materials, dilutes the structure in the scenery. With this, the hard elements like volcanic rock and concrete are softened. The window lattices are made with black anodized aluminum. The structure is created with black steel sheets.

Multimedia Room. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

The house is composed of several volumes, with slanted ceilings that meet at a central point. The highest area is the one containing three levels that harbor private bedrooms and private family areas.

Wine Cellar. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

The second volume, with two high ceilings levels, contains the social and service areas. The interior living and dining room beside the exterior living and dining areas lead to a terrace that allows connecting with the outdoor. The pool alongside the social area makes a transition between the house and the exterior landscape.

Interior kitchen and Breakfast area. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

The basement hosts a wine cellar with ideal temperature and lighting and an art & high-tech multimedia room.

Main reception. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

Alongside the river sits a Jacuzzi next to a fire pit, it is surrounded by comfy chairs wrapped in warm sheep’s skin. A full bathroom is located near the area.

Master Bedroom. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

The central pieces are two horseshoe chandeliers, one is nine-meter high and the second one is six meters high, falling through each of the homes´ levels.  Each balcony is intended for reading and enjoying the view and sound of the water.

Hamman. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

Technical sheet

Project: River House

Author: Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos

Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Square Meters: 1,200

Date: March 2018

Photographers: Héctor Velazco Facio/José Margaleff

Master Bath. Photo credit: Hector Velasco Facio

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