Stilt Studios launches uniquely designed Tiny Tetra House using recycled waste materials

Stilt Studios is launching a prefabricated tiny house making use of recycled waste materials, bringing together unique design with playing a part in the local, circular economy. The first prototype is being built in Bali starting in August and sales of the tiny house will commence in October this year. Stilt Studios listed the project on Kickstarter to increase community feedback for the prototype and raise a smaller part of the prototype costs from the community (

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The Tiny Tetra House is a 64sqm home with all living amenities elevated 40cm off the ground built using wood, glass and recycled materials. The architecture seeks to blend into its surroundings by making use of the recycled materials’ reflective characteristics, while strategically placed openings carefully frame view corridors. The diagonally oriented floor plan creates exciting spaces that exude outward into the exterior. The balanced compromise of open facades and the use of space make this small home elegant and spacious. Modular sheets constructing the roof and wall elements are fabricated from recycled Tetra Pak cartons that comprise plastic and aluminium.

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Bali, as many places in the world, has a waste recycling problem and by using recycled materials for building alongside wood Stilt Studios seeks to be able to contribute positively to the local circular economy and community.

“At Stilt Studios we believe we have the responsibility for both creating unique designs and reducing the environmental impact of our buildings. How about if we could not only reduce total material used and the footprint, but be a part of the circular economy by the choice of material used” says Alexis Dornier, co-founder and Chief Designer at Stilt Studios.

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The prototype of the Tiny Tetra House is going to be built starting August as part of the Uluwatu Sunset Farm in Bali, Indonesia. The construction time will be 6 weeks as most elements are prefabricated. Building prefabricated means that the majority of the building parts are constructed off site in industrial workshops saving on building time, cutting waste and improving the quality of work and costs due to economies of scale.

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“We decided to launch the project on Kickstarter to get as much community feedback as possible and use it to further refine the prototype for the production version. Supporters of the project can buy a voucher to later stay at the Tiny Tetra House in Bali. Any help is welcome!” says Florian Holm, co-founder and CEO of Stilt Studios.

The Tiny Tetra House will be available for sales after the prototyping, starting in October 2020.

Deliveries will first be restricted to Asia, but plans will be made available for sales worldwide.

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About Stilt Studios

Stilt Studios designs, builds and operates upscale prefab structures that blend in seamlessly with nature. By blurring the boundaries of modern art, architecture and product design, Stilt Studios creates unique experiences for residents and developers while treating lightly on the Earth.  In the product development process the team seeks to combine the highest standard of architectural design with the building innovation and a minimised footprint prefab can offer.

The company was founded in 2019 by Alexis Dornier (Chief Designer) and Florian Holm (CEO).

Stilt Studios launched 4 buildings so far and has its first development up and standing with the Canggu Garden by Stilt Studios in Bali, Indonesia. For more information visit or @stiltstudios on Instagram.

Alexis Dornier is a renown architect having worked the past 7 years in Bali and built numerous projects. References of his work can be found on and @alexisdornier for Instagram.


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