Tru3 Yoga Studio

Tru3 Yoga is a studio located around the coastline of Kuwait. This project has been designed by combining four existing apartments of an entire floor within a residential complex.

A holistic design approach has been adapted through Japanese design principles in terms of a minimal material palette and overall simplicity. Tru3 Yoga is influenced by the Japanese slow living or “Ikigai,” a Japanese term translated to “reason for being” or finding truth and happiness. The main concept of the design is inspired by the curvaceous body forms integrated within the Yoga practice while connecting to three factors: mind, body, and soul.

The heart of the studio is the reception area where the bold curvaceous form of the counter, bronze tinted glass blocks, lavish use of greenery, and delicate earth tones, welcomes one into the space. There is a sense of fluidity of movement within the design due to the curvaceous forms; a recurring feature adapted further into the ceiling and the walls. The forbo vinyl flooring applied to the main corridor suits the aesthetic of the space, which acts as the spine that aids in connecting the distinguished areas of the yoga studio. In addition, lighting is designed to be adjustable to cater to the functions of the various yoga practices and also sets the mood of the studio.

The design of the space is segregated into distinguished areas which accommodates the wellbeing of the mind, body, and soul. For instance, the tea room is the representation of the mind. Inspired by a traditional Japanese tea house with its low height table and seating units; this space is ideal for individuals to enjoy and connect with the community. The sun room is the biggest studio which targets the body. We have custom designed the ceiling to suit the function of the space by situating and embedding x-mounts cleverly for the use of aerial yoga. Whereas the moon room is the smaller studio targeting the emotional and spiritual self.

Both studios have an abundant use of natural light and materials; oak wood and exposed concrete along with added greenery radiate an honest and positive aesthetic within the overall design. Strong reflective elements such as mirrors are purposely avoided in the functioning studios so people are able to focus more on achieving their full potential without being self-conscious. Alternatively, subtle reflective elements such as bronze tinted glass blocks further lighten up both studios while still providing visual obscuration as well as thermal and acoustic insulation.

Lastly, the changing room area is an extension of the overall minimal design aesthetic with hidden frameless toilet doors, corian communal sink, with off-white textured wall paint and linen curtains. The use of bronze mirror combined with indoor-plants opens the overall distinguished space.

In conclusion, Tru3 Yoga is the ideal safe haven for individuals to escape from busy life and release their physical and emotional tensions.

Project name: Tru3 Yoga

Architect’s Firm: ITGinteriors


Contact e-mail:

Project location: Ras Salmiyah, Kuwait

Completion Year: March, 2019

Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 257 sqm

Lead Architects:  ITGinteriors

Photo credits:  João Morgado

Photographer’s website:

Brands / Products

  1. Forbo Flooring Systems / Fossil- 50224 Sphera Energetic Collection
  2. Bongio / T- Square Built in Mixers- 220 mm- Matte White & Matte Moka
  3. Hi-Macs LG Hausys / Acrylic Solid Surface S005 Grey
  4. Muji / High Back Reclining Sofa One- Seater
  5. Bose / Ceiling Mounted Speakers- DS 16F-W